Reviews of Normal Nina

“We all want to be unique but being too different can be scary. This sweet story helps young children appreciate being special by just being their ‘normal’ selves.”
—Peggy Albertine, Kindergarten teacher 30+ years Portland, Oregon

“Normal Nina is every child, everywhere who has ever felt a little less than special. Ian Sadler’s delightful, funny story teaches us that “normal” is okay. In fact, it’s just about perfect. What a wonderful lesson to learn. Superb concept. Excellent illustrations. Five stars all around!”
—Lisa Kay Hauser, Award-winning Children’s Book Author

“This is a charming book that promotes contentment is better than wishing you were different. I like how the illustrations are fanciful and fun yet show emotion and some detail. The story verifies that being normal can be freeing and accepted when you know who you are. The twisting of words was clever.”
— (November 2016)

“With clever rhymes and a silly premise (Nina’s brother is the genie) children will giggle every time Nina gets her wish and things go terribly wrong. The illustrations are fun and bright and add the right amount of playfulness to the story. A fun story that teaches children to be happy with what they are instead of wishing to be someone else.”
—Feathered Quill (December 2016)

“The book is delightfully illustrated, the writing is fast paced and it keeps kids engaged. A four year old reader when asked what she would wish for, said, “the beautiful genie’s house in the book”. Our eight year old reader said, “normal is whatever you are”
—Families on Line Magazine (May 2016)

Reviews of Pennydale Zoo

“In this charming picture book, a timid mouse wins the day by using determination and hard work to overcome his fear of performing in public. The lesson, about the value of working toward a desired goal, has a clear subtext of healthy empowerment. The author nicely realizes the humorous mishaps and ebullient finale with colorful, fine-lined illustrations. A gentle, comic treat with a subtle lesson about building character.”
—Kirkus Reviews

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