The Pennydale Zoo

THE PENNYDALE ZOO – Great Talent Contest


A fun visit to the Pennydale Zoo brings even more excitement when Juniper Mouse discovers the Zoo’s very own Great Talent Contest. Anyone can enter and that means Juniper too. But what will happen? Is there enough time to practice? From Gerald the giraffe trying to make a rabbit disappear to a quartet of singing camels and a nut-juggling turtle, the story has hilarious consequences under the guidance of head judge, Big Paws Galore, a fearsome lion with a terrifying roar. The creative store for children ages 4-8 shows that one CAN succeed with determination and practice. Even the underdog (or mouse!) can rise to the top.

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ISBN 978-0-9972657-2-9

EBOOK ISBN 978-0-9964157- 36

32 pages, full color illustrations.

Written by Ian Sadler, illustrated by Adrienne Brown.

Available in two formats – Soft cover $12.95 and e-book $7.99.

Book Review

“In this charming picture book, a timid mouse wins the day by using hard work and determination – a clear subtext of healthy empowerment – in which the author nicely realizes the humorous mishaps and ebullient finale with colorful, fine-lined illustration. A gentle comic treat with a subtle lesson about building character.”
— Kirkus Reviews

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