Normal Nina

NORMAL NINA and the Magic Box


Have you ever wanted to be someone else? Or wished for something that you didn’t have? Normal Nina knows all about it. She is just a regular person that people don’t notice or appreciate for the regular things that she does. There’s certainly nothing fun about that. So, when Nina discovers a strange magic box outside her house and meets the bluemasked genie who lives there, she knows exactly what her three wishes will be. And there’s nothing normal about them at all! This delightful story for children ages 4-8 it shows that exciting adventures can be fun but being normal has its good points too.

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ISBN 978-0-9972657-4-3

EBOOK ISBN 978-0-9964157-12

32 pages, full color illustrations.

Written by Ian Sadler, illustrated by Adrienne Brown.

Available in two formats – Soft cover $12.95 and e-book $7.99.

Book Reviews

“Normal Nina is every child, everywhere who has ever felt a little less than special. Ian Sadler’s delightful, funny story teaches us that “normal” is okay. In fact, it’s just about perfect. What a wonderful lesson to learn. Superb concept. Excellent illustrations. Five stars all around!”
— Lisa Kay Hauser, Award-winning Children’s Book Author

“We all want to be unique but being too different can be scary. This sweet story helps young children appreciate being special by just being their ‘normal’ selves.”
— Peggy Albertine, Kindergarten teacher 35+ years Portland, Oregon

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