A Conservation Tale

A CONSERVATION TALE – Your Planet Needs You!


This conservation tale takes us forward in time to a vision of a scorched, dry, lifeless earth where the gods of the sky, the seas, and the earth are searching desperately for a means to save the planet. But is it too late? After meeting an old friend, they summon all their powers to send him back to the current day to meet that friend as a boy. There, the boy warns adults and children alike, through social media and other means, about what they need to do in their daily lives so that collectively they can stop the devastation.

This tale describing what can happen if we don’t care for our environment creates a great opportunity for children, families, and educators to discuss what part they can play and what steps they can take to save our planet. With the trademark rhyming pattern and vivid illustrations of the series, it showcases conservation activities and action steps to “Recycle, Reuse and Renew” in the home and classroom.

Book Details

ISBN 978-1-7345226-00

EBOOK ISBN 978-0-9964157-17

32 pages, full color illustrations – Activity pages

Written by Ian Sadler, illustrated by Len DiSalvo.

Available in hard cover $16.95 and ebook $7.99.

Book Reviews

“What better way to reach children than to empower them in practical ways to make a difference in their world! It’s a timely message that gives children practical, doable ideas of how they can help make our planet healthy and keep it that way.”
— Angelyn Christy Voss, Elementary School Teacher (Ret.)

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