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Welcome to Gelos Publications. We offer creative, fun stories that share life lessons ideal for pre-school and elementary school students, their families, and teachers. Please explore our site for the Rhyme, Laugh & Learn™ series of books. Discover a full range of activities including coloring sheets, word searches and creative activities that accompany each book for home and classroom use.

Moms Choice Awards

The award-winning Rhyme, Laugh & Learn™ series is written entirely in verse. The vivid, captivating illustrations drive the imagination and allow the children to visualize themselves within the story. With five Mom’s Choice Gold awards, strong endorsements from educators, parents and school librarians, all our books have demonstrable wide-ranging appeal.


Check out lots of activities for use in the home, classroom and library including coloring pages, word searches, language dictionaries and individual book activities.

Reviews & Awards

Take a look at our great reviews and awards.

“With the trademark rhyming pattern of the series, the story is a good opportunity for children, families, and educators to discuss what part we all can play in taking care of our environment.” Home Schooling Book Review

“Ian’s rich text is brought to life by Adrienne’s vivid illustrations. The story has a natural message about being polite, welcoming people, and helping others – even when they come from far away and don’t look like us. An important lesson for all. This one is a winner as it provides a ‘first language dictionary for the young ones.” Lisa Kay Hauser, national award-winning children’s book author, editor and grandmother of six.

“A gentle, comic treat with a subtle lesson about building character.” Kirkus Reviews


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